Southbourne History Website

The History of Southbourne, West Sussex.

History gives a community a sense of stability and continuity and for this reason
I did the Pictorial History book and continued to collect pictures and articles which I am now able to share with you.

This website is under construction and will be added to over the next few months, probably years as I gradually upload what I have accumulated. I'm a hoarder so I have loads.
Following the publication of the first Southbourne Pictorial History book in 2010, when people realised I was interested, I have been given lots of photos, articles and personal stories so that my computer is full of local history and this was beginning to worry me.  Although I have given many, many books away to local schools and shared quite a bit of our history with the Records Office and Libraries, what will happen to all the stuff on my computer when I pop my clogs?
The Southbourne History Website went live in January 2024.
It has taken me some time and a lot of effort to get this far, but there is now enough to share with you and the world.
I would add that like the book, when I had to teach myself Publisher, learn how to scan pictures and edit them etc., and find out about how to publish, I have had to start from the beginning and learn how to manage WordPress (not easy for an oldie.)   Determined that all this stuff would not be lost I have persevered and we now have, albeit very simple, a history website.  One happy old lady.   

Ruth Heelan (the local busybody)

Memories are an important part of a person’s identity.

Quick Access below items you must see

This programme for the 1951 Festival Pageant performed in The Glebe by the 300 children who attended the Council School on the corner of Stein Road/New Road, explores the development of the Bourne area. Link below

Festival Pageant 1951 - Southbourne Pictorial History (

Link to Southbourne Scenes below. This map shows places of interest with photos.

Map - Southbourne Scenes - Southbourne, West Sussex | Pictorial History (

Not strictly Southbourne, as I am told he lived in Westbourne, but I was amazed at this personal account of D-Day and so typed it up to share on the website.
A Sapper's D-Day - Len Butt - read his account below. Click on the title to open the presentation