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WW1 Memorial Cross

In March 1920 the P.C.C. decided that a Cross with a garden surround should be placed in the churchyard and a marble tablet on the North wall of the Church as a memorial to those who fell in the 1914-1918 war. 

The Cross which stands about 13ft high on a platform with two steps was given by an anonymous donor and is situated at the corner of the Main Road and Stein Road.  The marble tablet bearing the names of the fallen is inside on the west wall.  

The service of Dedication and Unveiling took place on Thursday January 6th 1921 and was conducted by the Archdeacon of Chichester.  

Presumably the garden was laid out, because we have an appeal for volunteers to weed paths, cut grass edges and provide plants, but certainly since 1931 it has been grass only. 

70 named crosses for the 100th Anniversary 2018

The named crosses were donated by a resident in memory of their grandfather, Ernest Rogers, North Devon, who died at Passchendaele on 25th October 1917. The crosses were inscribed by a member of St. Johns Church. They were still being used at the 2023 Remembrance service.

Southbourne War Memorial consecration on 6th January 1921
Southbourne War Memorial consecration on 6th January 1921.
The photocopy of the list below is all that was available to work from. We had no idea who had nominated them to be on our War Memorial. Some of the information was incorrect, spelling, initials and rank differed. Research of 1911 Census was done to confirm relatives. B.M.D. were also used.
Some were farm labourers and lodged here.