AFC Southbourne were reformed in 2015 by Curtis Harrison and Adam Jones

Curtis left, with the Shuker Trophy in 2017

The recreation ground pitch was not up to standard and so Bourne Community College were asked if they could play on the school ground. Meetings were held and it was greatly appreciated when permission was granted and they played there for the July pre-season practice sessions and matches. In fact they continued to play there well into the new season and didn't move to the recreation ground until March 2016 when the recreation ground was approved match fit.
The team went from strength to strength and they found sponsors and won trophies. They had a Saturday and Sunday team and a membership of over 30.
In November 2022 Curtis, who by then had been in the management roll for 7 years decided to retire and a new management team were needed. Dave Townsend, who was the under 13s manager and his wife Joelle, took over the running of the club, They continued with the under15s and under 13s teams and in 2023 Calvin and Craig Soper formed an under 10s team. They have been very successful since taking over the club and the future looks very promising as the activities on the recreation ground are enjoyed by many.

I will find pictures and get an update from the club progress in 2023 later.

Recreation ground, Park Road, Southbourne PO10 8PJ

The recreation ground was donated to Southbourne. No information yet as to when and by whom.

It is impossible to sort out photos I have of old teams, so I will put them on as I find them.