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Dave Thompson


Dave Thompson joined the Southbourne Sea Scouts in July 1969.  He became a leader in 1971. 
The group was founded in 1933 by Charles Brundrett and he took over from the him as Group Scout Leader in 1973. During the following years he held many rolls and has been the mainstay of the group. He is still very active both with the young members,  assisting with the property maintenance and particularly with the maintenance of the watercraft.  Dave is a respected member of Southbourne Sea Scouts.  His dedication to the group has significantly contributed to the development of the many youngsters who have passed through SSS.

2012 80th Anniversary is the Barn
2018 Litter Picking on 17th March it snowed
2017 St. Georges Day at Chichester Cathedral
90th Anniversary celebration May 2023
DT presenting a Necker to a new recruit in the barn in 2012

Dave is very much into nature, birds, plants and trees.
Surprised when he told me about this tree below.
Who would ever have guessed that this was a recycled Christmas tree.
Tree Preservation Order in 1999