Southbourne Celebrates 2012
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Southbourne Celebrates 2012


Diamond Jubilee

Southbourne held a number of events over the weekend of 22nd to 24th June.

The Village Raffle raised a few hundred pounds for Age Concern, and Connie who was 87 won the 6months membership to Bourne Leisure, which caused a bit of amusement.
I asked various people what they had planned and as there was nothing official being organised, I went ahead and asked people to join in which, as you can see, they did. I got £400 sponsorship for the flowers from various individuals and groups and Moores paid to print the programme. Southern Coop paid to print the Southbourne Celebrates programme (see below). I wrote the Sussex Brewery and O'Hagan's to do a Jubilee Sausage, and hey presto. The Infant and Junior School did an Art Exhibition in Age Concern who did refreshments. The Village Show in the Village hall was well supported and the PTA had a cake stall. The Jubilee Concert with Don Lloyd the music teacher at Bourne College and the Meridian Wind Band. We went on to have mid-summer concerts at the Leisure Centre for a further 2 years and then moved to St. John's Church for 4 years.

open the link below to see photos of all the events

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